Well-roundedness, entrepreneurship, & mentorship

I enjoy discovery and sharing what I've learned with others. My interests and experiences cover a wide breadth of things, including startup life and entrepreneurship, mentorship, and volunteering. I also participate in Houston AIGA, DFA, and Creative Mornings events to maintain engagement in design or creativity-oriented dialogues outside of my day to day work. Actively exploring realms outside of the norm is not only fun, but keeps me open to new perspectives and helps me to work and empathize better with others.


Project: 5 Tries Design - radPAL

Time frame: May 2016 - Present

Collaborators: Kevin Hsu, Matthew Pena, Andrew Richards, Linh Vu

Category: Well-roundedness & Entrepreneurship

radPAL is a supportive wearable designed to relive back strain while encouraging better postural behavior for radiological specialists. Working in collaboration with 4 other designers and engineers, the team is steadily continuing development on this project to bring it to market.

  • Conceptualized and debuted at the inaugural Texas Medical Center (TMC) Biodesign Hackathon as part of the final stage of their Biodesign application process.
  • Developed further within TMCx3, the TMCx accelerator's medical device cohort from Fall 2016. In this curriculum, the team learned more about product development, made connections with medical and business professionals, and further iterated the radPAL product.
  • The team is a small, yet active, part of TMC Innovation and the new and vibrant med-tech startup ecosystem they are nurturing in Houston, Texas.
  • The product is patent pending, and new iterations build on feedback given by active clinicians in Houston, TX and Boston, MA. 5 Tries is currently working on a way to receive prototype feedback from users all over the country.


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